Pest bird control using trained raptors.

Raptor Command is a San Diego based company which utilizes techniques from the ancient art of falconry to solve modern problems. Pest birds such as crows, pigeons, seagulls, and starlings all have a built in natural hard-wired fear of birds of prey and as a result will evade the area.

We at Raptor Command use highly trained Hawks and Falcons to command your airspace so no pest bird is comfortable staying on your property.

In agricultural fields and vineyards this helps to insure higher yields at harvest time. On coastal properties, resorts and public places this can reduce the expenses, safety concerns, and health issues which typically occur when birds flock in large numbers. Pigeons and seagulls are smart birds and they quickly learn that artificial bird deterrents, such as sonic devices, warning calls and predator models offer no threat. Show them a real bird-of-prey and it’s a different story!

Our trained falconers fly hawks directly at a flock of pest birds, scaring them away. The pigeons and gulls quickly learn to associate the area with danger, thus an effective no fly zone is created. Our hawks are not used to kill, but merely to act as a deterrent.

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Problem Area Survey

Raptor Command will conduct, free of charge, a survey of the problems caused by nuisance birds at your site. Taking into account factors such as the availability of food and roosting or nesting sites, we will design a bird control strategy to suit your requirements, and achieve the absolute minimum of bird activity within your budget.

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The Raptor Command Team

Charles Warnick - Team Leader

Charles Warnick
Team Leader

Harvey - Harris Hawk

Harris Hawk

Spartacus - Harris Hawk

Harris Hawk

King Louie - Brookie Falcon

King Louie
Brookie Falcon